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Artwork: Red Sky with Monarda Acrylic on Canvas

Rebecca Perehudoff

My work is 2 dimensional acrylic on canvas. I work primarily with the landscape. I would like my paintings to be more than the sum of their parts; to be paintings that require a second look.

My work is not deconstructing anything and it does not pretend to examine critical issues although it does perhaps raise the question of how much untouched nature is actually left. A connection with nature more than site per se is a wellspring for my art. I lived in Canada until 1988 not counting some time in Europe. After moving to Chicago my focus shifted from forest and rural areas to the urban arena of Chicago gardens. I try to return to Canada every summer to paint.

My work draws from different sources including renaissance composition, expressionistic brush stroke and the spiritual curiosity of the post-impressionists. The anthropomorphic quality of the plant imagery is intentional. The space is ambiguous, condensing the biological elements into one plane, creating a patterning. At the same time shadow and modeling is used to create a primitive sense of deep space.

To some extent and in varying degrees my paintings reflect an interest in the feminist exploration of spirituality in nature. At the same time they play with the relationship of landscape to pure abstraction. This is reflected in the nature of the mark making, in the investigation of organic vs. non-organic shapes and in a heightened focus on the pure sensuality and tactile possibilities of paint.

My current focus is on attempting to integrate man made elements in nature that I have often censored from my work.